FRC Mentor Needed

Team 8630 in Peterson NJ needs programing and mechanic mentors. we are a rookie that need some support in the community

Go to your Dashboard, then to the Team Information button on the left. The dropdown list includes “Find Mentors” and brings you to the FIRST Mentor Network. Good luck!


Of course, 8630 is in the Silk City of Paterson, not ‘peterson’.

I know some consider Paterson a dangerous place, but a lot of that fear is misplaced.

Actually the school is in a great neighborhood of Paterson and we would be glad to get any help I’m a former/ current team member of 714. Both our teams need help

You might want to reach out to Mechanical Mustangs 3314 in Clifton.
They might be willing to help you at least get started, provide some beginners guidance.
Before I relocated I occasionally worked with them. Good people.

Also reach out to the FMA board, and the Senior Mentor there.
They can also try to help you find mentors.


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