FRC Minecraft Graduation

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Hey guys of Chief Delphi, some of us got together and wanted to create a Minecraft Graduation for FIRST Seniors (FTC and FRC). We understand a lot of seniors were not able to have a normal graduation. So some of us decided to host a virtual minecraft graduation for those who are interested! We have been able to get enough support to be able to have the graduation on June 20th! The date may change a little depending on how many people sign up. Any recommendations and suggestions are helpful. We want this to as memorable as an actual graduation. Here is the form:


Here is the discord server link:
We ask that people make sure they mark their role as graduate or non-graduate to keep things organized.
(5/16 Update): We have an amazing 43 graduates that have signed up and possibly more. While signing up in the form please make sure in your discord username to add the discord number. For example, helloworld#0000. You can refill out the form again if you forgot


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