[FRC Miner] Back for 2013!

I’m happy to announce FRC Miner is back for the 2013 season! Let me run you though some of the finer details of this year’s site

Major Face Lift
The site has gotten a huge face lift. The graphs are newer and schwoopier and more functional than ever.

Live Updating
Because refreshing the page is so 2004. As matches get played, the event graph will be updated. You can just sit back and watch the data.

Check out a working demo of the graphs over at www.frcminer.com/e/test

I’m using this weekend to get some data to start playing with, so not all the bells and whistles of the new FRC Miner will be going live. Here’s some things to look forward to for Week 2

Individual Team Lookup
This was the biggest feature request last year. This year you’ll be able to see the data just for your team for every event you’ve played at. You’ll be able to see if you’re individual scores get better or worse at different competitions

Individual Team/Event Breakdown
To see how you do over time, we’ll be showing you data for your team at an event and how you did in each match you played in. This graphical analysis helps you see how you get better and in what areas you get better over the course of an event

I’d love to hear of any feedback about the site. I’m open to feature requests, small improvements, or fixing things that got past me. Feel free to email me (my email is at the bottom of the website) or post here. Follow @FRCMiner](https://twitter.com/frcminer) for any updates

It doesn’t appear to scale too well to mobile. It’s very hard to read teams without zooming in.

Otherwise, I like it. Could you also incorporate foul points?

I haven’t looked in to mobile support yet. The graphs never seem to draw well on mobile devices, due to the animations and what not.

Good suggestion. I’ll make sure to put in foul points before Friday.

The graphs show fine, it’s simply the team numbers. Perhaps make the numbers a little bigger on mobile devices… or in general.

(iPhone5 was the only thing I tested on)

Also, consider using a different color on the red and blue portions or use a different color. They are a little hard to read.

Is FRC Miner working for the real events? I’m being told to come back when it’s week 1 :rolleyes:

Some events have data, some don’t. I’m sure more will be there soon.

I’m confused -does this show data for how individual teams have scored, or for how their alliances have scored?

The only data available is in alliance format, however, after 6-7 matches everything has averaged together well enough that it is somewhat representative of the ability of specific robots.

Miner seems to be very behind (for example, TC is only showing 21 of 39 teams). Any thoughts on what is causing this?

I have an idea! I forgot to follow @FRCFMS for the first few hours today, so I missed the first half of the tweets and didn’t log that data.

Don’t worry - I’ll be going though and updating the database so that the data is correct for tonight/tomorrow. And I’ll make an effort to make sure this sort of dumb mistake doesn’t happen again. (But at least it wasn’t the code!)

Additionally - the FMS hasn’t been posting any Traverse City data for 6 hours. According to the FMS, the last match they played was 24… which I hope isn’t true. If so, tomorrow is gonna be a bad time.

Edit: It’s not. They played up to 54. So the FMS just skipped 30 matches. Not my fault! But I’ll find a way to fix it…

So this is average score per alliance?

Because if it were average score per robot (average score per alliance / 3)
I can see ways this would skew the data quite badly.

Yes this is average score per alliance. Finding average score per robot given the alliance data is what OPR is used for.

Edit: All data available from Friday via the FRCFMS is now on Miner. Traverse City appears to have had some issues with the FMS and is missing several matches. A good example is Kettering, since I know all the FMS data is going out http://www.frcminer.com/e/miket

Is there any way to show data from all events on a single graph? It would be nice to see this as a sort of ranking for all teams that have competed so far, without needing to flip through every page. Additionally, I’m trying to figure out how good my team’s strategy and expected points/game match up to the overall population that’s played so far.

If I do something like that, it’ll have to be at the end of the year, and it’ll be a static graph. That’s a LOT of data to load. But it’s a cool idea.

Any reason the Northern Lights data isn’t showing?

Data is pulled using the official FRC event’s rankings page. Northern Lights, for whatever reason, doesn’t seem to have any rankings listed http://www2.usfirst.org/2013comp/events/MNDU2/rankings.html

With that in mind, Northern Lights has been excluded from the composite Week 2 graph http://frcminer.com/a/week2/

I’d love to answer your question in the appropriate thread http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=114455