FRC Monopoly Board Suggestions

Hi, some other students on 1018 and I have been playing around with the idea of making an FRC version of monopoly as a side project. So, the way we imagine it is that all colored properties will be listed by teams with their names and numbers.

Here is where we would like your suggestions. We want to know who you would think would make good teams to put on the board and which color set for them to be added to. If you have other suggestions about other elements of the game we’d be happy to hear them too.

Let’s start with the easy ones:
Blue for “Cheesy Poofs Boulevard”
Red for “Simbotics Avenue”

Maybe the rest of the color is their respective partners… you also gotta stick 2056 in there somewhere.

Maybe a color for champs locations… St. Louis, Houston, Detroit, Atlanta, etc

One area for chairmans winnings teams? (3132, 2614, 987, etc)

One area for FIRST Founders? (Flowers, Kamen, etc)

Those would be perfect to take the place of the railroads.

“Chance” could be something along the lines of wild cards, and maybe “Community Chest” could have something to do with sponsors!

Free parking could be the Queue.

I’d rather see Settlers of Einstein where players trade gears, motors, and batteries to build their robots on time. Just hope that the robber doesn’t strike!

I love the idea for an FRC-themed board game and Monopoly is a great choice.

The utilities can be replaced with the RoboRIO and PDP. The various taxes are obviously registration fees. Community Chest can be replaced with the Kit Of Parts. Jail is obviously the safety glasses table.

Tokens should be game pieces. Non-ball ones will probably work best:
Gear, Tote, Frisbee, Inner Tube, Tetra

I like the idea of using teams colors as the respective colors on the monopoly board.

Some more color based suggestions:

118 (gold is close?)






Filling this out further: Add 1986 and 217 to Green, add 1241 to black, add 1296 to orange (kinda… sorta), add 4613 to red.

It would be pretty cool to have 111 with a tie dye color. We use all colors after all. The PayDay space should be Chairman’s Award and the Go To Jail a “Lacks GP” space. Community Chest could be Engineering Inspiration.

We could have a “rainbow/tiedye” category; you could add 4039 to that…

Maybe have the go to jail be a “Red Card”… land on two yellow card tiles and you go to jail.

Maybe add 33 and 3339 to Yellow, and 365 to Green.

Ooh, add 4188 to green. :wink:

And hotels could be airships.

Has anyone brought up having a set of ‘properties’ being one team, and the properties themselves being robots?

I.E. boardwalk/park place would be cheesy poofs and be blue, with one property perhaps being barrage and the other missfire. Repeat with say simbotics and some of their famous bots, ect.

Brownie points for having the earlier properties be some retro yee olde bots/teams (RIP Penguineers never forget)

Unless this is supposed to be specifically themed to steamworks

Or what if each property was still one team, but robots took the place of houses and hotels? Though that would require a lot of different objects…

I have an idea for an evil/fun chance card-

Rule change: return all properties to banker and start over

Mwuahahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks great! How about pink (233, 2177) and purple (1885, 3847)?

EDIT: Also black and white, for 900 and 1538.

Don’t forget 3310 for black!

For the background of the board, we could have a giant picture of Dean. :smiley:
Actually though, maybe a picture of the classic frc symbol logo (the looped triangle circle square)

can someone please send this to me when its done i would so pay for that