FRC Monopoly is coming!

Taking regular Monopoly up a notch. FRC monopoly, with all your favorite teams. Coming to a build space near you. Stay tuned for more.

P.S. Team Captains: Also a great way to get those first years to learn popular team names/numbers!

What if I’m just interested in one for myself? (Or would be interested in it as more of a purchase than a trade?)

I’ll do some checking in our old shirt bin. The only “special” shirt is our polos, but probably not happening. What size do you wear? Please say 2XL (or hopefully not). We have too many of those for some reason. I don’t know what I’ll find but does your personal aesthetic learn more towards the wacky (e.g. tie-dye) or the more “professional” look?

We’ll be at Heartland, so I’ll try to get our shirt situation figured out (or get one of the students to do it). The game looks like good fun, although I suspect trying to get the rookies to learn team names might be futile. They are still working on the FIRST acronym.

I went ahead and signed up for the digital (given the lower tshirt option – if I find a worthwhile trade maybe I’ll look to upgrade) but will certainly forget this by March (or possibly by the time quick build starts), so please send a reminder. Thanks.

You can certainly get one just for yourself! Fill out your information in the Google Form and I will be in contact with you soon with more details! Thank you!