FRC Netbeans Template

My netbeans which is 6.7.1 does not allow me to download the FRC templates. I put the website in plugins, but my update tab doesnt open so i cant download anything. I tried to download it manually via but I dont really see any .nbm files to download. So would there be any other way to download and install the templates.

I see several .nbm files at the link you provided (five of them in fact).

To automatically install from within NetBeans, however, you want to go to the Settings tab - NOT the Updates tab. Add the given URL as a new provider, then go to Available Plugins to download the SDK. Once you already have it installed, the Updates tab will allow you to download any updates to the FRC stuff, if they are available.

If the above directions still don’t work for you, make sure that NetBeans knows about any proxies/etc. that are keeping it from seeing the WPIlib site.

oh, ty, but to do it manually i just download which files?? I’m not really familiar with .nmb files. So exactly what files would i have to download and after i download “said” files, i just extract and put in to netbeans?

You can go into the “Downloaded” tab of the Plugins menu, and press “Add Plugins…”. Navigate to each of the .nbm files, and press “Open”.

ok i understand that part, but im not that quite sure which files to download exactly. Do i just download the update.xml files, edu-wpi-first files or something else??

This is covered in the Getting started with Java in the section “Installing Sun SPOT Java SDK for FRC without Internet Access”

This document might help you also:


thanks guys i figured it out, got the plugin downloaded and install