FRC Networking Tool

I have created an application to help with automatic network configuration for the different tasks required in FRC. This project is still in a very early release state so there are plenty of “undocumented features”, i.e. bugs I’m sure.

The project is hosted on google code at:

If you wish to aid in development please PM me.

This tool was developed for the following reasons:
-Help provide new teams information for network configuration
-Help provide a more seamless operation during robot testing
-Help provide a better mechanism for network configuration for teams that have a complex network environment at their development location.

2 Questions:

  1. Are you attempting to automate the actual change of ip addresses and such? Or a check list and verification system.

  2. Are you planing on adding cRIO ftp based tasks, such as changing config settings and backing up deployed objects?

I would be willing to help implement the second question, but I am not very proficient in c#

  1. Yes, this is the principal use of the tool and is implemented.
  2. I hadn’t planned on it, but I would be open to this.