FRC New England Alliance

Hello! Back in 2014, 1058 created the FRC New Hampshire Alliance as a way for teams within New Hampshire to communicate with one another. Since then, it has grown to teams all throughout New England. So, we changed the name to FRC New England Alliance, and it is now open to anyone within the New England area. Currently, this page is mostly used for finding parts that are sold out, asking for welding and machining help, robot showcases, and generally friendly discussion.

To join, search “FRC New England Alliance” on Facebook and it will show up!

Please spread the word to members of your team and other teams in the area about this! :smiley:

Name is change on FB, but it still has a picture of NH. I joined anyway. Look forward to the new content on my feed.

We’ll come up with a new picture soon.

Just change it to Massachusetts. We know what the superior state is anyways :slight_smile:

I’ll be doing a conference presentation in St. Louis on “Communities of Practices in FIRST - 10 years of lessons learned with the Baltimore Area Alliance.”

Great to hear about the New England Alliance!

Yes this page has been extremely helpful for NH teams over the past few seasons. Most common use has been sourcing parts that are either out of stock or won’t arrive in time for a weekend of build season or competition weekend. Our quick redesign to a floor gear intake in the final days of build season wouldn’t have been possible without this page helping us connect with 1073 who graciously lent us some wheels to test with. Being able to source parts from local teams in under two hours has opened doors while creating stronger bonds between local teams.

Like we said its grown slowly to encompass Maine, Vermont, Northern Mass, Rhode Island, and a few Connecticut teams so we figured we’d just make it more official.

Make the image into a competition. Outline of NE with the state of the most recent DCMP Chairman’s or Blue Banner winners highlighted (or something).

Being able to get critical parts for a design in short order on off hours is a fantastic use of this kind of group. It’s sort of a pit admin table for the home shop. I know we are reasonably well stocked for certain things, but completely unstocked on other types of things.