FRC New York City Regional 2013

I guess same as every regional, I’m always looking to connect with more FIRST friends, so this post is for whoever will be attending the New York City Regional on March 7th 8th and 9th. Got ideas/suggestions? Any events you plan on throwing individually? Questions?

I’ll be doing announcements in the pit on all 3 days so drop by and say hi while you’re there!

So for everyone else, who’s competing and who’s volunteering there?

I’ll be attending and I’ll be part of my team’s Pit Crew, so I’ll be sure to stop by and say hi!

Sameer, I’ll be there for at least one of the days. Most likely hanging out with 694.

woohoo Drexel represent!
were you from Stuy or just for fun?

Our team (1676) is still on the waitlist (:() but some of us will probably stop by to visit on the Saturday.

It was cool to work with you guys at the competition last year.

Just for fun, Joe Blay is one of the few NYC people I know.

Yea that’s probably one of the things that irks me about FIRST…the regionals fill up really fast and it becomes pretty hard to get that 2nd or third regional in. 1155 and 2265 got put on the waitlist for Rochester and got in, but for a time we thought we would be going to only 1 regional this year.

I hear he’s kinda cool.

Anyone who is new to NYC should feel free to stop by our stands, we could always use more scouts…

694 will be at NYC as usual, hopefully 1676 can break off the waitlist, although I’m not positive I want to be on the other side of the field from them like last year.

We usually host some sort of social the day before the regional. I’ll talk to our guys tomorrow to see if we can put something more concrete down a little earlier this year.

Team 237 will be coming to NYC after competing in Baltimore the last two years.

I hope that someone will be able to host a team social there, our team loves to perform and write songs just for these occasions.

Anyone think this regional could put up a national high score? I’d love to see it done here.

I believe NYC or Hartford set the high score in 2009…ofc it was beaten in subsequent regionals but it was pretty up there. I think it would be pretty nice to do it again.

Looks like we’ve got 7 rookie teams this year, but 1 less team. Wonder which side of the Javits Center we got…

Our team (2016) was on the wait list for NYC as well but we wanted another regional so we signed up for the Buckeye Regional. We will miss the NYC regional as we have many friends there. We will try to stop by on Saturday as well.

Gahh so close…:yikes:

Team 1396 the Pyrobots will be there:)

Ive had the opportunity to finally come back and help my team out this year after graduating. Its gonna be a lot of fun and I cant wait to see what this year is gonna be like at NYC.

Awesome! I’m looking forward to seeing you guys in the pits!

Yep, mentoring is a lot of fun and NYC Regional is usually really great!

Team 369 will be at NYC and look forward to seeing many great teams as always.

Sadly, we were too late to register and we are on the waitlist for NYC. We will however, be competing at the Connecticut Regional and the Long Island Regional.

Team 2601 - The Steel Hawks - will be there in NYC! Can’t wait to see everyone and their robots!