FRC Off-season Event List (2022)

As the official season is winding down, lets start talking off season!
If you are one of the event organizers, please list the event information.

NMRC Championship:
Oct 28 2022 Alexandria MN
Open to NMRC teams Only

NMRC Open:
Oct 29 2022 Alexandria MN
Open to all *teams

Both events offer Full Cheesy FMS and nice homemade field elements and professional lighting and sound crew (NLFX)
This is our 6th year in hosting full off season events.

*NMRC and local team preference

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Events with an asterisk (*) have not been officially announced but are listed on their typical dates or are part of a larger event with fixed dates.

Dates TBD

Beach Blitz (Orange County)
Battle at the Border (San Diego)
Fall Classic (TBD Southern California)


8/19 - 8/21 Wings Over Camarillo (Camarillo)*


9/23-9/25 Chezy Champs (San Jose)


10/7-10/9 OR 10/14-10/16 CalGames (TBD Bay Area)
10/14-10/16 Tidal Tumble (Ventura)
10/21-10/23 Capital City Classic (Sacramento)*


11/11-11/13 MadTown ThrowDown (Madera)*

Chezy Champs, Beach Blitz, Tidal Tumble, Capital City Classic, and MadTown ThrowDown use Cheesy Arena with the full Chezy Champs gear.


FIRST South Carolina presents: SCRAP
3 one day events
June 17
June 18
June 19
Sumter County Civic Center, Sumter, SC


  • $400 per team for ONE (1) day of competition
  • $600 per team for TWO (2) days of competition
  • $700 per team for THREE (3) days of competition

**Secondary or “b-team” robots can also be registered at a discounted rate of $200 for 1 day, $300 for 2 days, and $400 for 3 days.

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Battleship Blast is being worked on, per 3309–if it happens, TBD date in San Pedro, CA area.

Wings didn’t have a competition last year, just a demo–we may try for a competition again this year, we might not.

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Battlecry is on!!

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Also summer heat is happening


I am curious on how ensure playoff birth? Is it limited number of teams or some sort of non traditional playoff situation?

I believe it is 4 team alliances and each team in that alliance is required to play once

Edit: yep found it Battlecry@WPI 22 - Reg Opens Apr 29 @ 1200 ET - #5 by ColleenShaver

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There’s as many alliances as it takes to ensure all the teams are on one. Then there is a playin among the bottom ranked teams into a round robin with the top 6. 4 teams per alliance, everyone plays. @ColleenShaver would have more info; it’s been a while and last year was different cuz of Covid.

Team 930 is hosting the inaugural Mukwonago Robotics Offseason Competition (MROC)
Sunday, July 24th
$250 per team
Mukwonago, WI
The event is open to all teams

If there is enough interest, we are looking to hold several workshops on Saturday, July 23rd as well


It looks like EMCC is on


Yes, EMCC is on for this year. As I am not on the planning committee, I don’t have additional information for registration cost or a schedule yet, but keep checking the website as we get closer to the date. Also I’m sure there will be a thread posted about it once information is finalized.

So the brief bit of information that I have;
EMCC, hosted at East Ridge High School in Woodbury, MN on 09/24/2022. It is hosted by teams 2175, 3130, and 3883.

Preliminary registration is open on the website, but no cost is listed yet.


Texas Robotics Invitational is July 7-9th

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Roboteer Rumble 2022 is scheduled for November 5th (in Tremont, IL). Details coming soon


Ozark Mountain Brawl is September 9th-10th. It is in Searcy, Arkansas hosted by team 3937.


Rumble in the Roads will be held on Saturday, November 5 at Menchville HS in Newport News, VA. The 32-team, single-day offseason FRC tournament is hosted by Triple Helix and Blackwater Robotics and sponsored by Intentional Innovation Foundation.



Israel International Offseason, October 12-13th

Among the activities we plan to host besides the event itself:

  1. Organized travel for the international teams in some of Israel’s best places to visit.
  2. Evening activities to all teams during event dates.
  3. A seminar will be held around the event dates, and will incorporate Israeli & international teams’ lectures.

You can follow additional updates on the event in here:

I’m available for any questions in DM or via mail lidork51 at


NMRC Open- Update

Event Timing: Saturday October 29th, 2022.
Event Address: Alexandria HS, 4300 Pioneer Rd SE, Alexandria, MN 56308
Game: “Rapid React”

This event is for any FIRST/FRC Robotics team. Registration fee to participate will be $100 for NMRC member teams and $250 for non conference members.

This event will have a fully functional field (Andymark) with an integrated FMS (Cheesy Arena) and automated scoring. The NMRC takes pride in providing high quality events with as close to a “Regional Event” atmosphere as possible.

Completing this registration application does not guarantee admittance into the event. Currently we will be limiting the field to 24 teams but may increase that number if conditions warrant. Preference may be given to teams for early registration or past participation.

The “Registration Application” window is currently open and we encourage teams interested in attending to apply as soon as possible. The registration may close with out notice once the event is full.

Questions please contact NMRC President Jesse Frost or the NMRC event coordinator Matt Wendland Both can also be reached by E-mail at


Details posted now here for the Roboteer Rumble 2022 (November 5th, Tremont IL), for anyone needing registration links: Roboteer Rumble 2022


NMRC Championship Update

Event Timing: Friday October 28th, 2022. Team load in times will be Thursday PM & Friday AM
Event Address: Alexandria HS, 4300 Pioneer Rd SE, Alexandria, MN 56308
Game: FRC’s “Rapid React”

This event is for NMRC (Northern Minnesota Robotics Conference) members only. Participants must have paid their years membership/event registration dues of $250 for this season. They also must complete and submit this conference event registration form.