"FRC" (Official Music Video)

The members of 610 are in high spirits, returning from North Bay yesterday as regional champions, and with a new song. Written by Jordan Grant, filmed by Jacob Kachura, and edited by both Jordan and Jacob, team 610 presents “FRC”, a parody of “23” by Mike Will Made It. Help us #makeitloud!

The footage was obtained at GTRW, Waterloo, and North Bay.

FRC (Official Music Video)

This is too good.

This is awesome!I love it! Great Job!

Had to put the lyrics here, they are too cool!
Published on Mar 30, 2014
JG2012, Jacob Kachura, and Team 610 presents “FRC.”

We gave you Workshop (http://youtu.be/Is6g3ct-DVQ) and we gave you Tech City. (http://youtu.be/F31qF3q2PEU) Here’s FRC. Watch in HD!

I’m in the shop, got my stock, CNC’s on
Taking bots, to the top - that’s the dream son!
In the shop, got my stock, CNC’s on
Taking bots, to the top - that’s the dream son!

Yeah, it’s FRC!
Yeah, it’s FRC!
Yeah, it’s FRC!
Livin’ the dream

We be in the lab,(chillin’) robot on the desk, gotta make it good, gotta keep our rep (pristine)
Making tough decisions, sometimes we gotta step, making bold predictions - score we gotta get
(Cam) We launch the ball, up in the high goal (up top)
Six ten plus three quarters is that really all? (pshh)
Brushed finishing, (it’s dope) looking mighty fine
Bot so nice we should be on Einstein

A bot in six weeks, we call that - FRC
I’m starting to think that engineering’s for me
The thrill of the build, oh man I never get tired
Come in everyday I’m bout to get inspired


Call up Mr. Stehlik
Call up Donny dMO
Call up all the mentors
They sure won’t believe those
Shots that we’ve been pouring
Hundred percent scoring
Hitting all the goals that
We should call it Jordan!
Coyotes, homie, 2013 call us Brodie
2014 call us Wipeout, all them big balls we be ownin’
Maybe not athletes but still a school team
people ask me, “What’s it for?” I tell them FRC!


Thursday showing up
Know 610 is a beast (You know it!)
Pre-Sea - Building bots before the game has been released
Since '99, on CoyoBot 15 (XV)
Making FIRST so loud, we gonna shout and scream (Ro)
botics, botics, botics, I do business, I design
Want a part that’s freaking crazy now it’s Tam time
We strategize, no doubt our playbooks are so prime
Matt just drives, tearing up carpet on Einstein

The automatic captions are hilarious.

(Also, I didn’t know you had a Haas TM-1P. Very nice.)

This is great. Better than the original!

Congrats Jordan and Jacob!

This is the best one yet! The lyrics are awesome, and I love the shots you chose to include in the music video.

Man that was awesome!1

Easier to watch then the original

All of these are fantastic! Very creative. Keep up the fun work!

Oh this is gold. Pure gold.

Great job Jordan. Now I know what all the noise on the bus was about.

How is this the “FRC” theme song with it only mentioning one team, FIRST Team 610. More like a promotion video for their team considering they won worlds last year.

To my knowledge they never called it the FRC theme song, just titled it “FRC”. While perhaps not applicable to all of FIRST, I still think it’s an awesome song by an awesome team. Great job, guys!

It’s not actually an FRC theme song per se. Not the best subject line there.

The about section on the video description has a bit of information about the song.

It’s called “FRC” because it sounds like the name of the song “23” on which it was based. It’s mean to be the official music video for this particular song called “FRC”, not an official music video of the FIRST Robotics Competition. I guess it can be a little confusing.

Also, Jordan Grant has been making robotics-related raps for several years, including “Tech City” when was in Grade 10 and “Workshop” when he was in Grade 11. They’re on Jordan’s personal channels. The links are in the description of “FRC”.

You go brother man!

This is an awsome job, Coyotes! I love it!

Way cool!! :cool:

Hope it gets air time at regionals next season!