FRC Omaha?

I convinced my brother and his wife to come to Championship. They did.

Now the relevant question: What FRC teams are in the Omaha, NE area that are looking for a mentor (engineer; works at AT&T on communications stuff I don’t understand)? (My sister in law would likely get into the ‘spirit’ part of things, but might impose a bit of Dr. Who nerdiness onto the whole thing…)

The official locator page says there aren’t any FRC teams in the state. I also checked the nearest regionals–nothing. Ditto for FTC. Ditto for FLL (the FIRST team locator doesn’t show those). But looking further, there are 4 JFLL teams in Omaha (44, 64, 607, 1020), or were this last year.

So the question you guys should be asking is, what schools/community groups would be interested in starting a team in that area? And, are whoever’s supporting the JFLL teams interested in adding a level or three?

Well, that’s where he was going, but I live 1500 miles away and wouldn’t be able to offer support except for very long-distance. I figured he might want to mentor a year or two before trying to lead mentor a team cold… Even though – or perhaps especially because – that’s what I did.

Where can I find this team locator?

It’s the blue box on the top right column of the FRC page. Direct link

You get to fill in the information you’re looking for–I did all the programs, teams only, Nebraska.

Thanks! I’d been looking for something like that, and had never found it.

I know VRC is big in Nebraska. the US Nationals are in Omaha. You might want to direct them in that direction if their not intrested in starting a FRC team in the area (i think they are the only state with no FRC team).

It would be wonderful to have all 50 states represented in FRC! Get him to start a team!

Nope, they aren’t the only one. SD doesn’t have one either.