FRC on 9gag

While taking a break during Finals week, check out what I found:

Looks like team 847 or 947.

FIRST really *is *everywhere :D.

That’s cool! Great to see FIRST being shown in non-FIRST related areas! Maybe soon we’ll be seeing FIRST graduates in other non-FIRST areas, such as business magazines and Africa (No FRC teams in Africa yet. Challenge accepted)!

Spreading FIRST like this is a great way for people to become interested and inquire about FIRST. Maybe send out those “forward to 10 people or Dave Lavery is going to follow you forever” emails and put FIRST pictures/links in them. Who knows? Personally my goal is an FRC team on every continent, ten every country. Antarctica, you’re next (after Africa)!

My Funnyjunk senses are tingling…

Anyway, cool.