FRC on Discovery Channel Canada tonight

FRC Team 1640 will be featured in a story on the Daily Planet, a Discovery Channel Canada show, tonight. Filming took place during the final weekend of this year’s build season.

Please tune in if you are able.

Wonderful! Good way to make it loud.

oh my lordy, it’s 1640.

When I think of FIRST and Discovery channel I always remember this being played before GTR West.

I wonder if that had anything to do with the FRC advert they used to play all the time on Discovery Canada.

Even before I started doing FRC I never thought it was particularly good advert. Most of the robots featured were pretty boring. Would of been much cooler if they had 1114 shooting a ball or something. Made FRC look like FLL…

Discovery Canada was the sole webcast for GTR back when I was a student. Which kinda sucks because they don’t have an archive of those events.

It was great at the time because it had a lot of exposure, but not so great now if I wanted to look back.