FRC Parts and Tools App - A Reference Guide in Your Pocket

Our team has been working really hard to develop a native app for both iOS and Android that is a reference guide for many of the common parts and tools that FRC teams use on a daily basis. You can easily find the part/tool you’re looking for by using the pictures and/or name in the app, and can tap into it for more info including a description and a link to the vendor. This is perfect for new members to use during the build season!

NOTE: Currently, the app only contains common VEXpro parts, but the goal is that we as a community contribute to it to create a large repository of parts/tools. Use the “Suggest” button on the “More” tab to contribute and whatever you submit will be added in future versions of the app! Also keep in mind that the locations of parts in the app are specific to our team, so don’t worry about that.

iOS: ‎FRC Parts and Tools Guide on the App Store



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