FRC PCH Anderson

Can anyone link or tell me where to find the official broadcast VOD for this event. I’m trying to go back and rewatch matches but I can’t find the replay anywhere. Any help would be appreciated thank you

I believe it was streamed here, the vod is not posted because of this. It may take a few days for the vods to be posted, or they may not be posted at all. District events are typically behind on posting them, kind of unfortunate.

Please let me know, too. I was one of the game announcers (Barry Hudson) and want to do a self critique before heading to Hartsville in 2 weeks.


Don’t worry Barry you did a great job

Was the stream archived somewhere where we can download it?

It was likely archived by whoever ran the event, I assume it will eventually be posted online. As of now I don’t think you will be able to download it anywhere, you might be able to ask [email protected] when the vod will be posted. You could also ask them to upload the vods as unlisted on youtube, then ask for a link.

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I have a few videos from team 1102 posted on youtube

Hey folks. I’m on the planning committee. It was recorded by the event AV team. We just have to parse it and remove copywrited music. I’ll post here when it’s available.




Please note that pretty much no matter what software you are using you can record a separate file that does not have house music in it which will save your team plenty of time. I have detailed how to do this for OBS at Let's solve the Twitch and YouTube DMCA issues from streams

You should also take a look at the FRC Video splitter if you have not already at GitHub - tytremblay/frc-video-splitter-3: A cross platform app for splitting long FRC recordings into manageable match videos.. I can split an entire regional/district in about 60-90 min. You will probably have to re-name playoff matches due to the new system.

Other programs are also able to do something similar. Please feel free to reach out and I would be delighted to help your district get event archives up.

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Thanks Tyler.

The Anderson videos are now posted on Georgia FRC YouTube channel.

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Nicely done. Thanks.

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