FRC Penultimate Manual, Preseason Edition!

Penultimate Manual 2 : Electric Boogaloo!

Welcome back folks to the FRC Penultimate Manual, as comprehensive and detailed guide on most parts of the FIRST Robotics Competition. Additions and revisions are very much welcome.

Since the last version:

  • Cleaned up the “Mentor” section.
  • Added Nonprofit section to Business / Fundraising
  • General grammar improvements.
  • Added “Steal from the best, invent the rest” by Corsetto.


GitHub Repo:

Direct Markdown (Source) File:

Summary of Content:

Crash Course in FIRST

  - Overview
  - Regionals vs Districts
  - History
  - Who Are Mentors
  - Who Are Volunteers

Team Divisions:

  - Officers and Leadership
  - Electronics
  - Build
  - Drive
  - Strategy
  - Business
  - Safety
  - Design
  - Outreach
  - Mentors

Good Resources:

  - Karthik's Lectures
  - Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition
  - Jack Kamen & Imagery Award
  - Indispensable Tools & Techniques
  - Keys to a Successful Drive Team (254)
  - Anatomy of Robot Code (RobotPy)
  - Apps & Programs
  - 6054 - What We Learned
  - Advice For Rookie You?
  - Writing A Business Plan
  - "Steal from the best, invent the rest"
  - Roles of A Team Captain

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Happy FIRSTing!

Looks great, definitely going to push for my team to use this as a ‘Guide to FRC’. Would very much recommend :stuck_out_tongue: