FRC Pictures

I need pictures.

I’m working with a rookie team who does not have photographs and for some reason all of my years of FRC pictures have disappeared of the face of the Earth. I am putting together information about our team for some collaboration and sponsorship efforts we are doing and I need pictures to put into this media. I typically go for people pictures, more than robot pictures, but all are welcome.

If anyone has good quality pictures they are willing to let me use I would greatly appreciate it!


Thank You!

If you look at the CD link to the Chesapeake Regional from last year, there are excellent photos there.

You could try all regional websites.

Just an idea, and I will look through some of ours and see if we have some good ones.

Best of luck! :slight_smile:

FRC Designs was formed for just this purpose! Check it out for pictures and CAD of robots and related subsystems! Let me know if you have any questions!

FRC Designs:

Tons of good pictures and videos here:

I have taken photos at three Championships and I have about 3500 pictures. E-Mail what you want and I’ll see if I have it :wink:

Daniel Ernst has some of the best pictures from the State of Michigan.

He has albums for 2007-2011