FRC Premiere Night - Saturday Feb 25th 7pm eastern | Finale Posted

2023 Teaser video is now live: FUN Premiere Night 2023 Trailer | Robot Reveals | #FUNRobotReveal - YouTube

Premiere Night is back for 2023! Like the 2022 season Premiere Night is now focused to include teams who are in various states of their build season!

No matter where you are in creating your robot, submit up to a 120 second or less video celebrating your build season. This could be your completed robot, prototypes, testing or anything you want to highlight about your team to the FRC community. Submissions are due by the end of Thursday, February 23rd.

More info and submission form at 2023 Premiere Night Submission Form

Official Q&A: FirstUpdatesNow Discord in the frc-premiere-night channel.

Teaser video from the 2022 season: Rapid React 2022 Premiere Night Promo - YouTube

Submission Requirements


Submissions must be a 120 second video or less and are due by the end of Thursday February 23rd. If you are running late: IMMEDIATELY contact or Tyler on Discord at FirstUpdatesNow

Your Premiere Night Video should include and show off your robot no matter what stage you are in. Simple teasers will not be accepted and do not reflect the spirit of Premiere Night. We recommend a minimum of 30 seconds of your robots current state on screen (not including intro’s/outro’s and filler). This most likely would mean a video that is at minimum 45-60 seconds.

This video should be unique to Premiere Night. You can have other videos created but the video submitted should be entirely unique to help make the night special and create urgency for others to watch. You can release your video publicly after premiere night. Premiere Night videos may not have blurred out or redacted parts

Your Premiere Night Video needs to be uploaded to YouTube under UNLISTED (make sure it is not public or private) until after Premiere Night

Video quality needs to be filmed and uploaded at 720p or 1080p in a 16:9 aspect ratio. Video needs to fill the entire frame (do not film in a lower resolution and then upscale to 720p as your video will be rejected).

Audio: Your choice for what you want to use but note that unless it is copyright free most likely your video will be muted in the Twitch archive and could be removed from the YouTube archive. Do your research ahead of time and know what may be blocked on YouTube so we do not have to remove your video or put other music on your video.

FUN has white-listed Monstercat music for streaming and YouTube. Feel free to utilize music at in your reveal video to guarantee it is not muted in the stream archive or blocked on our archive. You can also find royalty free music on YouTube.


Premiere Night is a go for 2023! You can submit a video no matter where your build season progress is! Get info and post your submission to 2023 Premiere Night Submission Form by Thursday, February 23rd.


3015 is excited to participate!


6329 is on board!!


We’re starting to get submissions for Premiere Night! Reminder that submissions are due by end of Thursday. If you have any issues (midwest is getting pounded by a winter storm) and require an extensions please reach out to me for approval and how long you require. We will need a short clip to utilize by end of Thursday still.

Teams: If you need an extension especially those impacted by severe weather please DM me and let me know how long of an extension you are requesting. We will try out best to accommodate and can only grant so many as I still have to process, edit and EQ all videos coming in.

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Teams: I will be heading to bed soon. I won’t starting working on submissions until tomorrow morning so that’s the deadline unless you contacted me. We can’t wait to see and showcase all of your robot reveals and build season celebrations!

We are currently at 40 submissions and still receiving more! Should be a great night on Saturday :slight_smile:


As it sits we have 51.5 teams (if you’ve been around you know what the .5 is) Trailer, team list and giveaways will be out tonight! This is also an increase of over a dozens teams from last year too.

Reminder stream is at Saturday at 7pm eastern.


FUN Premiere Night 2023 Trailer | Robot Reveals | #FUNRobotReveal - YouTube The 2023 Premiere Night Trailer has dropped! Get hyped for 51 teams video premieres on Saturday at 7pm at Twitch. We have several hundred dollars worth of supplier and team giveaways that you and your team can also win!



Premiere Night Team list:
108 SigmaC@T Robotics Team
180 S.P.A.M.
868 TechHOUNDS
1073 The Force Team
1540 The Flaming Chickens
1710 Ravonics Revolution
1740 Ledyard Cyber Colonels
1768 Nashoba Robotics
1787 The Flying Circuits
1825 The Cyborgs
2200 M.M. Rambotics
2410C Two Digit Ninja
2539 Krypton Cougars
3015 Ranger Robotics
3175 Knight Vision
3201 Ross Rambotics
3322 Eagle Evolution
3487 Red Pride Robotics
3636 Generals
3767 Titans
3847 Spectrum
3880 Tiki Techs
3928 Team Neutrino
4065 Nerds of Prey
4255 The Robodores
4329 Lutheran Roboteers
4342 Demon Robotics
4362 GEMS
4381 Twisted Devils
4422 Twisted Angels
4481 Team Rembrandts
4499 The Highlanders
4522 Team SCREAM
4635 BotBusters
4766 Team SCREAM Jr
4795 Eastbots
4946 Alpha Dogs
5119 Team STEAM Robotics
5409 Chargers
6081 Digital Dislocators
6329 The Bucks’ Wrath
6413 Degrees of Freedom
6421 WarriorBots
6838 X-Sharc
6941 IronPulse Robotics
7211 Hollywood
7461 Sushi Squad
8077 DRE@M
8085 MOJO
8753 Spectre Robotics


interesting no citrus


Maybe it didn’t work the first time?


I won’t speak for them but they were looking to submit and informed me they would not be able to make it.

There were some other teams that had the same situation this year. Even though we got more submissions we also had more drops. Overall we’re delighted to showcase the teams that were able to submit.

In their teasers, they show a censored robot scoring, and at the end someone shouts “IT WORKED THE FIRST TIME”


lol yeah i got the joke a second after i posted that reply

FRC Premiere Night is about to start at Twitch . Come check out these 51 teams and also get a chance to win part of the hundreds of $ in supplier giveaways and team swag we have!

Vote for Best in show! Polls will close sometime after midnight eastern! You can vote for up to 5 teams! Winning team (or maybe more will get a FUN swag pack.

Thank you to all the teams who have watched and submitted.

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Premiere Night 2023 Finale Group | 7461 | 4481 | 2539 | 180 | 3015 Bonus Commentary - YouTube Rest of the groups will be posted tomorrow. Be sure to check out the individual team release videos to support the teams.