FRC Programming Collection

Based on the success of the FRC CAD & Tech Documents collection we are beginning to create an FRC Programming Collection. leads to the main sheet with links.

For Submitting Complete Robot Projects from previous year robots use this form:

For Submitting other useful libraries, classes, functions, and non-full robot projects use this form:

Our team members will be going through CD and github to add more submissions, but the more we have from teams with descriptions and details the better.


I applaud your initiative! I’m not sure if you’re aware, however, but there’s at least one other collection that does similar (tracking teams’ code and providing info about teams). Maybe it’s worth collaborating?

I hadn’t seen that, I’ll add a link to there on the sheet. Good to know this exists already.

We really wanted to create the list of libraries and not really full robot code projects anyway. As useful as published robot projects are, it’s not always easy to find useful portions with instructions on how to include them in your own projects. Published libraries are much better for that, with descriptions for what they do.

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