FRC programming team is seeking your help

Programmers from FRC team 610 used their Java programming skills sharpened by FIRST to compete in the MasterCard NXT challenge last weekend in Toronto.

The group of 5 students (Grade 11/12) faced off against universities like Waterloo and UofT and professionals from software houses. They were able to finish in the top 5 and qualified for the “People’s Choice Award”.

Their business pitch is available here. If you like their prototype, please take one minute to vote for them (3rd one down the list). It’s great to see FIRST trained programmers doing well; they are only trailing one team in the standings!!!

Every vote counts! Thank you!!

Click here to vote.

Voted :slight_smile:

Likewise. Great work!

thanks for taking the time to support fellow FRC programmers!

FIRST rocks!

Voted! Good luck guys!

Voted! looks like they are in second place!

This is a really cool Idea. Nice work.

There are 13 hours left to vote for the People’s Choice award!

610’s FRC Programmers “The Coyotes” developed the 3rd app on the list called NIMJA.

Not just because it is a FRC team, but because I like their idea best.
I have some limited experience with NFC and think it has HUGE potential.

Voted! Good luck 610.

Voted! Best of luck!

Thanks again for all your support. 65 teams applied, 20 professional and university/high school teams selected for the hackathon at MaRS.

In the end, the young Coyotes from FRC 610 (Ian, Nick, Max, Jeffrey, Adam) won the final “People’s Choice Award” which is based on judges mark (60%) and public voting (40%).

Video of the MasterCard NXT award ceremony at the Mobile Money Conference in Toronto.