FRC Q&A Sign-Up


I’m trying to sign up for the FRC Q&A service here by clicking “Sign Me Up” at the top.

However when I enter my team number as “FRC2383” it says that “Team Code/Number does not exist.”

I don’t think anyone on my team has used this service before. How can I sign up for it without this error?? Thanks

I’ve encountered a similar problem and for now foregoing my team number.

Same problem for me.

I just didnt put in my number. Another question. How do we post a question under the Game Q&A?

It may not allow sign-ups until the system opens.

This system will open for questions on Jan. 8, 2014.
See last year’s “How To” guide](

Each team has an account from which it can ask questions.

Team login information can be found on the main summary page in TIMS.

Actually, i am having problems with the system, too. I choose not to have a team, but it seems the only way to access the QandA is to list your team. The example gives a (FRC0000), but i have tried inputting (FRC457), (FRC0457), and (457) neither of these work. Is there a format that im missing here? How do you input your Team?

Thank you for that clarification. I completely missed that. Well, to be continued…