FRC Radio AP-Unlink after Firmware Flash

Has anyone had any issues running the FRC OpenMesh radio configuration tool?

We have run it on multiple laptops, and multiple radios and end up with the Wifi-Status link as “AP Mode Unlinked” according to this diagnostic information:

We can connect to the radio via Wifi on the laptops, we receive an IP address and can ping the access point.

We can deploy code through Eclipse to the roboRIO.

We cannot however get any communication from the Driver Station to the roboRIO.

The only indicator we have is that the Wifi status LED is red, with the mode unlinked. We’ve never had any issues like this in years past.

On the laptop you’re running the radio config tool on, have you used the control panel to disable ALL the network interfaces EXCEPT for the wired ethernet interface connected to the radio?

The tool generally does work unless you do that.