FRC Radio connected but no roborio found

We’ve had some problems with connecting to our RoboRIO over the FRC radio (OpenMesh), the connection seems to work but no RoboRIO is found whatsoever. We have tried the following:

Reimaging the RoboRIO over USB
Reconfiguring the FRC Radio (OpenMesh)
Turning off all firewalls on the computer ( Windows OS 10 :face_vomiting:)
Replugging all the cables too many times ( Pain )
Updating all software ( Also Pain )
Using a different computer ( Not that painful honestly )

And many many many more things that I forgot so I’ll just tell more of them in the thread down below when they come back to me.

We can successfully connect to the RoboRIO over USB to do things such as reimaging or uploading robot code, but there doesn’t seem to be any robot/RoboRIO communication in the driver station. Any help would be appreciated since we are approaching the competition rapidly.

Please help,

Can you see the corresponding “ethernet link” light (one of the two middle lights) on the radio flash blue when the robot is on?

Have you swapped out the ethernet cables?
Does your computer get an ip address that is on the network of your robot (10.TE.AM.x)?
Can you ping your robot (10.TE.AM.2)?
Are you plugged into the correct port on the radio?
Do you have a switch involved?
Does your radio have good power?
As mentioned above do all of your ethernet connections have “flashy lights”?


What about the green/orange lights on the RIO’s ethernet port?
Are any of the radio lights turned on? (Power light?)

Have you tried a different ethernet cable?

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The power light is the only one turned on on the radio, I’ll check the roborio in a few minutes.

Ok so, the green and orange lights seem to be on, not sure if it’s the ethernet or something else though.

Can you establish communication when connecting the computer to the RIO directly using ethernet?

The driver station indicates that there is no robot communication, however, vscode uploads the code successfully since it only checks if a connection to a certain .local domain and ip can be reached.

The lights are on the ethernet port.
Like so:
What The Ethernet Port LEDs Mean On A Room Alert Monitor - AVTECH

None of them are on.

But you can upload code over ethernet? Or is none of them are on only when connected to the radio?

It only works through the usb cable that acts as an ethernet connection to the roborio.

Can you try connecting the computer directly to the RIO with an ethernet (skipping the radio) and see if that works?

We tried that, doesn’t work either. We think it might be an issue with the current roborio we are using. I am currently changing the roborio to another unused one we have.

If the ethernet LEDs doesn’t light up no matter what is connected with multiple ethernet cables, it sure sounds like a bad ethernet connection on the RIO.
Let us know if swapping it out fixed the problem.

Ok so I asked a team member if we could change it and they told me that the other roborio we have is apparently an older version and isn’t able to be used because of rules or whatever. I normally don’t do anything on the electrical side of things, so I’m not sure if it’s true.

There are only 2 versions of the RoboRIO. V2 added a microSD slot and is slightly faster, but both are legal.

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We had this issue on 772 and we re-entered the team number into the Rio and it worked.

Update: it stopped working