FRC radio wireless troubleshooting

Most of are code is not working

That’s… not exactly helpful for finding the issue.

  1. Was your code working at your last competition? If so, have you changed anything since then?
  2. define “not working”–are we talking “RoboRIO isn’t talking to Driver Station”, or are we talking “this single item isn’t working”?
  3. If you have not changed anything, and the RIO isn’t talking to the driver station, I’m going to tell you to reconfigure your radio and everything will work.

Also, @moderators can we get this thread moved to the programming forum? Thanks!

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First thing first. What code is working what isn’t working. How do you know it is or isn’t working? What errors are you seeing? And can you link your code or GitHub?


Thanks for responding
Robot works when using Ethernet cord.
When I unplug Ethernet I don’t see the robot’s radio network. Even after doing the configure radio steps

What color is the radio wifi light?
Choices are generally amber, green, or off.
radio status lights

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