FRC Recap Tonight 8pm - Guest: Abhinav Diddee - KOP Drive Mods vs. Custom Chassis - FUN Trivia $$$

FRC Recap is tonight at 8pm eastern with guest: Abhinav Diddee from FRC 7461 to discuss KOP drive mods and debate if it’s superior to a custom drive chassis.

Watch live:

Archives on Podcast and at

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Ideas for teaching new members virtually/remotely
Dreamer film
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Let’s Discuss That extended discussions:
Could/should a professional robotics league happen?
Great examples of teaching new members virtually

Guest Topic: KOP drive mods and debate if it’s superior to a custom drive chassis.

Take from FUN Trivia FRC edition! Message FirstUpdatesNow on Twitch with your phone number for a chance to be called to play.


Very excited for this one, I will be tuning in to see the arguments made by Mr. Diddee


Come join us for headlines and KOP vs. Custom Chassis! Take from FUN Trivia is at $20. If you are interested in playing take from FUN trivia DM firstupdatesnow now on Twitch with your phone number to play!

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Thank you to those who tuned in last night. It was great to hear more about KOP Drive mods from Abhinav and to have some great in-depth discussions.

Headlines and the Full Episode are now up on YouTube and Podcast (search FirstUpdatesNow)

Headlines Only:
Full Episode:


I watched the Dreamer movie mentioned in this FUN episode and found it quite inspiring. It was fun to see who I could recognize during the FIRST related segments other than Dean and Woodie.

The last 20 minutes was a long commercial selling registrations for a Dreamer Festival" hosted by the Archangel Academy who also appears to be instrumental in getting the movie made. Since registering to watch the movie, I have been getting 2 emails a day to remind me to watch the movie, promote it to people I know and to register for other events set up by Archangel. Unfortunately, there is no unsubscribe link in any of the emails.

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There’s always a spam button :stuck_out_tongue: .


I highly recommend having a whole separate email account for any “dirty work” you have to do (basically any website that uses your email address as payment). Not only does it keep the cesspool of advertisements contained, it’s absolutely hilarious to look through every few months.

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