FRC Recap Weekly -Tuesday 8pm ET - Possible 2021 Event Structure - Tyler Veness Provides Programming Tips

Ready to talk about what 2021 events could look like? We have some different paths that FIRST may take. Join us Tuesday 8pm eastern to break it down at

Guest: Tyler Veness from Team 3512: Spartatroniks and FRC Discord programming guru joins us to talk advanced programming tips!

Other headlines, topics and Take From FUN Trivia is at $30!


Topics for today’s show at 8pm eastern:

Future of FRC Events - Ideas floating around at FIRST HQ
Glowworm Vision and future of Vision Systems
WPILib is planning on doing a preview release
Grant Imahara Death and his impact
Attendance Tracking
Expensive Video Games
New Drone Competition inspired by FRC Mentor

Tyler Veness with Co-host Marshall Massengill provide advanced tips for software and programming on your robot and dive deeper into WPIlib, simulation and vision.

Take from FUN Trivia is at $30. Play against guest Tyler to win by joining our Discord


I’m looking forward to the show tonight! Definitely some interesting topics!

About to start with Tyler and Co-Host @marshall

For trivia I am going to try having people call in via phone. If you want to play PM me on twitch your phone number and I will call you if selected.

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