FRC Recruitment Posters - help

Does anyone have a link or willing to share what you use for recruitment posters.

I want to print out some recruitment posters on our big poster maker printer to hang up around our school and community and I am having trouble finding the links to some of the older recruitment posters that were available on the FIRST web site. I have the ones currently listed but frankly I like the older versions from one or two years ago. (The ones with the links you can download and put in your own text)

Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Hopefully someone out there has some of the older versions saved on their computer they are willing to share. For example the poster with the kid with the big green mohawk…

Thanks and have a great FRC season to all

We’re working on new ones. Here’s what we used last year:

FIRST provides these ones as well:

[edit] there are a bunch of good ones if you do a google image search too:

Here is what we have been posting around school. We make sure that “No Experience Needed” is on every poster because we have many students at our school say “I’m not smart enough for robotics” or “I don’t know how to build a robot!”

We put pulls down at the bottom because we don’t expect students to remember/write down when the call-out is.

Here is the digital file.

Hey Bluejackets!

Our posters last year included descriptions of FLL, FTC, and FRC. We don’t have a poster yet this year, but below is an email blast we sent out in one of our schools’ newsletter. Remember that this is for FLL, FTC, and FRC, so if you don’t run FLL and/or FTC, feel free to ignore those.

Come join us in a world of mythical creatures, hydro dynamics, treasure hunting, robots and more. We’re looking for students who like to take charge, work with their hands, collaborate in teams, and generally geek out. Build robots, program them, plan events, manage money, and take photos/video. Play hard and have a blast! No experience required.

Lego League (FLL): 5-7th grade. Hydro Dynamics
Teams of 6 students build a robot and compete in December. Students with a parent willing to mentor the team get preference. The teams meet Wednesday from 3:30-5:30 pm in the fall.

First Tech Challenge (FTC): 7th-9th grade. Relic Recovery
Students - signup, then come to the first meeting to find out all about FTC, where teams of up to 8 students build an 18" robot to compete at three meets in the fall.

First Robotics Challenge (FRC) No Mythic: 9th - 12th grade.
Students - come find out about FRC, where teams of 25 students build a giant robot. One evening a week in the fall, 3-4 meetings/week from January - April. Compete in Duluth, Minneapolis, and maybe Detroit.
Parents - come complete the signup for your students, and learn more about the huge project.

Below is a link to our recruitment video and flyer. Feel free to use them to recruit some new members. This video and flyers have helped us grow student interest in our team by about 60%. We sent this out to our students via email as well giving them out as in hard copy form during open house night. The flyer is double sided, but the first side is for students. This was made in Indesign at a very high resolution, so it can be blown up into a larger poster as well. We have alot more resources if you are interested too. Please PM us or email us at [email protected] if you are interested.

Recruitment Video:

Good Luck,

DM Robotics
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