FRC Regional Scavenger Hunt

Our team was unable to do FRC this year, but we’re taking our FTC students to a nearby regional to check out some robots and hopefully get them excited about FRC for next year. I’m trying to make a scavenger hunt for them with things to take pictures with/collect at the Regional

So far I have

Take a picture of:
A turret
A swerve module
A non flywheel shooter
A previous years FRC game piece
A FTC game piece
You and two team mascots
You and someone wearing a tshirt with an animal on it
You and someone with dyed hair

Buttons from teams with #'s 1xxx, 2xxx, and 3xxx
Button from a team with # 8xxx

Any other ideas for things to take a picture with or collect for a scavenger hunt?

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Picture with a volunteer (more specific than that at your discretion). More or less points based in difficulty of access to said volunteer (refs/FTAs are tricky to get to without a drive button).

Take a picture with someone wearing a funny hat.
Collect a rivet.
Take a picture of a mecanum (spelling) wheel.
Take a picture of you signing Woodie’s denim shirt.
Collect a non-standard button.

You and a number with LED’s from the stands
A Pom-pom
A non standard driving device (aka Guitar Hero or a constructed button array)
A climber hook that isn’t the everybot design
Sensors: color, limit, hull, camera, lidar, distance
More than 10 team members dancing

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