FRC Registration Trends 2005-2009

Graph of FRC team registration for the years 2005 through 2009 with the final totals for the years back to 1992 thrown in for reference.

The data used to generate this graph, as well as more up-to-date graphs are published at:

Most of this data got a going over in the following CD threads:

2009 registration:

2008 registration:

2005 Registration

2004 Registration


This is an interesting chart Mark

Question though, is it just the way the chart looks, or has the number of participants been decreasing since Dec 18?

Interesting plot. Do you mind posting the numbers or the spreadsheet in the white papers section?

The last team (so far) that dropped out was only in the past few weeks, so yes there was a peak in # teams a week or two after registration officially closed, then it gradually dropped off as teams fail to garner funding, administration support, leadership, or students.

I’ve seen this happen every year. Last year the final team to show up as registered was actually a week after kickoff, and another team dropped out after the robots were shipped.

Very interesting graph!

Just to clarify though, this is not a graph of total # of teams, but event registrations?

Meaning, a single team that registers for 3 event will be counted 3 times?

No, you had it right the first time.This only tracks the total number of teams registered.
There are 1679 registered teams this year.

FIRST made it harder to quickly extract the data for team registrations for multiple events, so you’d have to do that footwork yourself. I think I have most of that data lying around, but scattered and uncompiled.

Just glancing over the numbers this doesn’t appear to be even remotely the case. The trend is for teams to add more events, not drop them.

I can do that.
I’ll probably just post the datapoint spreadsheet used to generate this graph.

Has growth been nearly linear since 2005 at about 170 teams/year?

Care to plot the total teams/year vs year for us? I’m curious how that curve looks.


CD doesn’t allow additional images to be posted in this thread, but here are the numbers.
2005 was a doldrum year you’ll see.

**FRC Growth   # Teams         Net Gain         % gain**
1992           28               28               100.0%
1993           25               -3               -10.7%
1994           44               19               76.0%
1995           59               15               34.1%
1996           94               35               59.3%
1997           151             57               60.6%
1998           199             48               31.8%
1999           269             70               35.2%
2000           372             103             38.3%
2001           515             143             38.4%
2002           641             126             24.5%
2003           787             146             22.8%
2004           927             140             17.8%
2005           990             63               6.8%
2006           1132           142             14.3%
2007           1301           169             14.9%
2008           1501           200             15.4%
2009           1679           178             11.9%

Most of this data got a going over in this thread.