FRC Related Courses in the works

In an effort to store much of the information that our team has gathered over the last few years, we are putting together a courses page on our website. This way new students on our team that want to learn an aspect of our team on their own time, they can just go there. This will also be a free tool for anyone who wishes to learn something that could benefit their own team. These courses are currently being produced and will be released over the course of this next season. For a full list of courses that we will be making check out our courses page here:
Does this sound like a tool that would be useful to some people?


I am excited to see what this ends up looking like!! Could be an awesome resource!


It looks nice and I believe it is going to be useful. However you can contact one of the team in Compass Alliance and add this courses there. It is easier to look one website than looking lots of websites. So more teams can reach it.

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Oh yeah! I completely forgot about the Compass Alliance. We’ll definitely consider adding them their, but our first priority is making this for our team and having easily accessible on our website, but that would be a good place for these courses as their collection is very limited.

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Thanks, I am looking forward to see it

Any timeline for releases? Very interested in checking out the Scouting Data Organization course.


That is an excellent question. I’ve reached out to the person who will be putting the course together to get an estimation on when he plans to get started. I’ll let you know when I hear back from him. I know for sure that the web dev and the awards courses are currently being produced and we could probably see those here pretty soon, but I can’t give any estimation on the scouting data course until I hear back from the creator. On top of that, you can keep an eye out on our Instagram and our website for course releases.

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Just heard back from our scout lead, and he is currently working on the scouting course and it should be finished in a few days. It’s pretty safe to say it could be on our website either this week or next.

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