FRC Relevant Sales and Discounts

What are some discounts/yearly sales (REV Black Friday, Andymark’s Birthday Discount, etc.) that FRC vendors have? I would like to generally know when these are to make better buying decisions in the future (not buying 10 NEOs the week before Black Friday).


Home Depot usually has a pretty good sale just after Christmas/very beginning of January - great time to buy tools.


I believe they also have a deal where batteries are free with the purchase of certain tools. I don’t remember when in the year it happens or if it only applies to certain brands, though.

I don’t really ever remember seeing FRC specific vendors having sales

It doesn’t even have to be FRC specific, even sales for Online Metals, Adobe Suite sales, etc. just places where FRC teams buy from.

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The time to stock up is when Online Metals does their 35% discount. I missed it last year (if they even had one) but it’s usually around November, so hopefully it’s coming soon.

It’s 20% off today until Midnight (Pacific time?).

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Speaking of:

Edit: Should have put the dates in the OG post but didn’t. Deals are only valid on Friday, 11/27/2020 through Monday, 11/30/2020 at 11:59pm CST


It’s not 11/27 yet


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