FRC Resources Links

I’m looking to compile the ultimate list of links for all kinds of resources related to FRC.

So far, this is what I have.

Please post links that you have on this thread, and I’ll try to make sure to add them. It’s openly editable, but I’d prefer to do it myself just so the formatting is right. After I have enough links, I’ll put this list up somewhere easy to use.

254 has their handbook on their website along with other info that you could put on the list.

Also, Sabotage has a lot of info on swerve drive on their wiki.

The Helpful Links bar located on the bottom left of the Chief Delphi homepage is a good place to start. karthiks effective first strategy presentation from 2012 JVNs design calculator

first things that came to my mind

CowScout instantly comes to mind.

Panteras has documents in its website. As well as resources translated to Spanish for the hispanic teams (most of them are translated game manuals).

You can find them here:

Greetings from Mexico!

Our team has posted some links to some of the best resources we have found. You can look through it and see what you like.

Here is the page:

Here is our Recommend Reading page

It has the resources I give out all the time on it.

One of the most important resources of all: The Manual