FRC Reveal Video Music 2023-2013 Spreadsheet

There’s not a better way to phrase this other than to say that I spent hours of the past few days compiling a spreadsheet of FRC teams, years, and what song teams used for each of their reveal videos.

Was this excessive? yes. However, I’ve always thought to myself in the past, thoughts along the lines of “Man, I wish I could see if this song has been used in a robot reveal video already…” (with the desire to produce unique and creative content).

Currently, the spreadsheet holds 339 teams with data from 2023–2013, with the intent to update next season as more videos come out. I’m still adding songs as I find new videos, but feel free to respond with any questions or if I made a mistake on any of the entries.


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Luke, Team 27


This is pretty cool. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

118 Actually has music robot reveal videos going back for at least a decade. Check out the youtube channel Justin Ridley.


Ah thanks for the reminder, i forgot to come back and add the rest of 118’s, I’ve probably watched them all a few times over haha

This is the quality content I visit this site for.


You are making a difference in the world :pray:


I feel honored to be in this.

edit: Our 2023 reveal song was Black Flag’s Rise Above. But it was a last-minute afterthought and not of any reveal video quality, so the punk song felt right.

edit2: It was a long video of just practice footage so the outro included Crash by The Primitives.


What did you compile this list from? Just manually searching team reveal videos?

For the missing 179 videos:
2017 - Knife Party & Tom Morello - Battle Sirens (RIOT Remix)
2016 - Spongebob Squarepants - Woe is Me / World’s Smallest Violin (EO Dubstep Remix)
2015 - Green Day - Holiday (Varius Remix)
2014 - Pendulum - Immunize (feat. Liam Howlett)
2013 - Peter Hurford- Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, BWV 565


I love this initiative, I need a play all button :slight_smile:

Also the explosion of reveals, gotta love no bag!


Are teams really paying for the rights to use popular music or just hoping that Youtube et al don’t just take them down?

I pulled up bulk playlists of '22 and '23 reveal videos, and basically if the channel had more than 70 subscribers, i would open the channel up and see if they had other reveal videos.
To find the songs, most had them in the video description, but if not I used Shazam (app) to find the music.

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thank you! I’ll go in and add these today

The way YouTube works (in America at least), yes the majority of songs teams use are “Copyrighted”. All that means for teams is that they cant post videos with said songs and monetize the video. Upwards of 90% of FRC channels arent monetizing anyways so it wont affect them, some teams though such as 2976 have agreements with artists (ODESZA) to use their music.
Hope this helps explain.


Ah, I was under the (apparently mistaken) impression that they would take your videos down not just say “you can’t make money on this thing you’re not making money on”.

Happy to see my team included in this! 2412 has revealed our robot kinda late (as in postseason) and I actually didn’t know what song we used, despite being one of the camera operators for the reveal.

They do have the option to take it down, but they rarely do that because they would rather make money off the video. (Sometimes they can monetize the video even if you turn ads off).


I feel the need to link to this absolutely classic banger. This video left me in awe as a kid.

and more Muse


Slight amendment - our 2022 reveal actually used the “Cinematic edit” of Enemy, which (as far as I am aware) was only used for the title sequence of Arcane. It’s an extended cut of that mix that essentially just rearranges/duplicates some portions of the original 90 second cut to fill the full 3 or so minutes.

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Non-monetize channels basically can use whatever they want as long as it doesn’t get muted automatically - whatever pennies of revenue the video would normally make are simply redirected to the copyright owners.

Only the most stringent of labels will ask to have their songs muted altogether, so must of the time teams can get away with any big song they want to use.