FRC RobOlympics presented by FRC Team 1671

Hello FRC teams! Team 1671 is proud to present RobOlympics and we would like to invite you to register. RobOlympics is a set of events using a leaderboard system that FRC teams can compete in to allow competition during the pandemic. We have 3 events currently and we would love if you could help us jump-start this competition. Here is our website Please register on our website if you would like to compete starting this coming Monday, December 7! Follow @frcrobolympics on Instagram for more details and contact them for any questions. Feel free to ask any questions in the thread below as well.


Looks like a fun thing to do! The links for the “Power Cell” and “Longest Shot” competitions seem to be broken on the site.

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Thanks for letting us know about this issue. The buttons within the guidelines section of the site redirected to an old version of the site using a different domain name. It should be fixed now. Thanks for the feedback!

Dang it, my team wanted to do a Robolympics as an off-season event someday, I guess you guys beat us to it :sob:
I’m glad teams are still finding ways to compete this.

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