FRC roboRIO Imaging Won't Update Firmware or Format Target

This is one of the errors I keep getting when I am trying to download firmware.

This is the error I get when I am trying to download an image.

I have tried two different roboRIOs and one can’t be detected anymore and the other one is giving me these errors. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Does your computer name have a dash in it? If so, try renaming it. Several teams have reported issues similar to this.

That’s really not a good bug to have, considering that by default Windows names computers with dashes :joy:

The name had no dashes. It was 3750GatorRobotics. I changed it to GatorRobotics just in case it was the numbers. The firmware worked but the formatting didn’t. Any other ideas?

We are trying to use a different laptop now. Hopefully that’ll result in different outcomes. Any more help will be greatly appreciated.

@GatorRobotics I recommend following the steps in: FRC 2019 Firmware Update Failing

Hopefully a different computer produces a good result for both processes. Nevertheless, let us know if it’s not the case. It might also be a good idea to try formatting via Ethernet if we see consistent errors through USB.

Well I put the RIO into safety mode and ran the Imaging Tool as administrator. I’m not sure which one of the two worked. Thank you guys so much for the help!

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