FRC Robot Controller/Speed Controller


I am new user,I have never use a Robot Controller and Operator Interface I need some info,I have buy the Robot Controller and Operator Interface from

I wonder, can I use others Speed Controller like this HB-25 Motor Controller from, will this work on FRC Robot Controller. do i need to write code?

Can I connect a Digital compass to the FRC Robot Controller,how do this work,if this is possible.then i need a LCD display to view the number.

I will use the Robot Controller and Operator Interfac in a ROV (submarine)sow I most use two RS232 to RS485 converter, then I can use max 1200 metre cabel,I will hope this will work.

This is not legal for FIRST competitions, but it should work. The PWM output from an RC is the same PWM output used by standard R/C hobby receivers.

This depends on the type of digital compass. The easiest would be if you had one that outputted an analog value representing the direction; you could then just connect that to an analog input pin. Many people here, however, have reported various problems when attempting to use compasses. They apparently tend to be unreliable and noisy. There are a number of different ways of connecting an LCD screen. The easiest is probably to find one from which is labeled as having a serial driver.

Let us know how it goes. Most people here are interested in robotics of all sorts, not just FIRST robotics. You might also contact someone from Team 842, Falcon Robotics, as they have done quite a lot with underwater robots.

Ive never used a compass on a bot before, but from my Costal Nav knowledge i wouldnt recommend it. All compasses are influenced by two things: variation and deviation. Variation is the difference from true north(north pole) to magnetic north(currently located somewhere in northern Canada), which varies over a few mile distance, depending on your angle to magnetic north. Your biggest worry is going to be the deviation. Compasses use magnets (no surprises (except fluxgates but now were getting technical)) to find magnetic north, and are strongly influenced by metal in the area. So if your next to the admin table and all their fancy electronics creating magnetic fields, youre going to get a different bearing then you would on the stands-side of the field. Deviation will even differ depending on what direction your bot is pointing, in fact all Coast Guard facilities (boats) have to have deviation tables onboard to calculate for any heading.

So if you want accuracy, go for gyros. Much better accuracy for a bot, unless you like doing compass-magnetic-true calculations everytime you turn.

ok, many thanks!

ok sow this HB-25 Motor Controller from will work on FRC Robot Controller. I need only a small Motor Controller max 5A. I will control 4 electric motor.sow I need 4 HB-25 Motor Controller. The HB-25 Motor Controller is inexpensive.if I buy 4 Victor 884 Speed Controller will this cost me 560 dollar. the 4 HB-25 Motor Controller cost only 50 Dollar for one

sow I need only a Motor Controller that work on a FRC Robot Controller,not a Victor 884 or 883 Speed Controller it is expensive for me, and i dont need sow many A

but about the Digital compass.I dont need it.But is that possible to connecting any sensor eks temperature/depth measurer and display to a LCD?

about the LCD can I use this

but About the gyros,how do this work?

yours sincerely