FRC Robotics Curriculum in the classroom

I am interested in aligning our engineering courses with FRC. Are there any teachers in the audience that can comment on tying in their courses with FRC? Have you developed your own curriculum or do you utilize industry curriculum with modifications for FRC? Can you comment on how you tie in with FRC and whether students participate in a single class or multiple classes as their skills progress?

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I admit I’m not an expert but FRC 2152 SMASH has some experience in this and won a chairman’s this year.
(They’re a really fantastic and gracious team, see if you can get in touch!)

Hi! I am the coach/sponsor of Team 2152. I was browsing and saw this. Thank you for the kind words @verylonelysock !

We do use FRC as part of our curriculum and as a model for other cross-curricular projects. We use the FRC build season as our programming/robotics/engineering curriculum. We have been operating as an Academy in a traditional high school (a school within a school) for the last 9 years. We have the flexibility of setting our daily schedules for our 7 teachers and 150 students so during build season the robotics students can work during the afternoons which correspond to our class periods 5 through 7 (noon to 2:45) and get credit for their technology & engineering courses. I know our approach sounds confusing but it works. All our curriculum is delivered in interdisciplinary projects. FRC is one of them. The students set goals and write learning reflections weekly which address the standards they are mastering through working on the robot.

I would be happy to give you more information. You can email me at [email protected].


@dhurquhart1 how do you have 7 teachers for 150 students? We have 150 students for one teacher.

We have 150 students in the Academy. Each teacher is certified in a different subject area or multiple subject areas so each of us have at least 150 students on our rosters. We work as a teaching team to integrate all subject areas into our projects, including FRC.

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