FRC Robots in 4th of July Parade

Wanted to share a video and a couple photos of the Huntington Beach 4th of July parade. Boeing built a float for the parade to promote recent project and to promote STEM, invited 2 HB robotics teams to present and run their robots on the float!
Teams 4276 (Marina Vikings) and 4619 (Ocean View Hawkbots) students, Boeing mentors, and robots rode along on the float, dressed the robots up to be patriotic, and the students controlled the bots raising and lowering collector/shooter arms to “wave” to the crowd.
The parade was shown live on ABC (Los Angeles area):
(Apologize for the potato-cam quality footage)

For anyone curious about which Boeing projects are featured on the float, they include the CST-100, XS-1 vehicle concept, Phantom Phoenix spacecraft, and the Echo Ranger unmanned submarine

Awesome! Our team also did the same and inspired several kids by having them drive around the robot in an arena prior to the transmission replacement.