FRC Round Up - Double Elimination Breakdown, AprilTags, Tote Opt Out - Guests Kristen and Juan Chong

Join us live tonight (Tuesday) at 8:30pm eastern for FRC Round Up with guests Kristen @ImAnEngiNERD and Juan @juchong for FRC Round Up at .

Discussion Topics for tonight:

Black Tote Opt Out: Who is it a good option for?
AprilTags: How to prepare your team
Double Elimination rounds: Reactions from events.

We have giveaway opportunities for those who watch live from AndyMark and VEXpro!

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About to start! Come join us at

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Wish you would’ve gone over what won’t be in the black tote this year ie motor controllers and brought up the RSL being one of the biggest reasons to not opt out considering the RSL costs 2/3 of the voucher amount and you can’t get it from either vendor

Thanks for watching and I appreciate the feedback. FRC Round Up Ep 12 | Don’t Get (Double) Eliminated is now on YouTube! Thanks to @ImAnEngiNERD and @juchong for being our guests!

Topics include Black Tote Optout, AprilTags and Double Elimination Reactions. Chapter timecodes on video.


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