FRC Round Up - Guest Marshall from FRC 900 - Inflation, KoP and FRC Queue - Live Tue 8pm eastern

Join us Tuesday 8pm eastern at for FRC Round Up with guest @marshall from FRC 900

Topics: Automating FRC Queuing - What will be practical? -
Inflation - What can teams do to save money ahead of build season?
Sub $5ish items not in the KOP that should be - Sub $5ish items not in the KOP that should be

Additional discussion with the audience comments/questions.

Archive posted at


I’d like someone to tell Marshall that FIRST is bringing back the BOM & CAW and see his reaction.

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wait, who’s marshall?


Thanks to Marshall for coming on last night. Great discussions and stories.

FRC Round Up Ep 8 now on YouTube:

Also on podcast. Direct link: FRC Round Up Ep 9 Queue the Inflation by First Updates Now

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