FRC Round Up - Guest RC from 1323/WCP - Now on YouTube

Live on Tuesday 8pm eastern at and archived same night at FRC Round Up our round table discussion welcomes @R.C from World Champion Alliance Captain 1323 Madtown Robotics and WCP!

Current topics for the evening:

  1. Champs Round Up: Everyone gives their perspectives of the 2023 World Championship. Note: This isn’t a more formal recap but rather an overview and personal experience discussion.

  2. Deep dive into 1323’s culture and how they build for success

  3. New Einstein format, should we keep double elims for Einstein or do something else? Inspired from Einstein should return to being a Round Robin - #4 by NathanNFM

  4. RC & WCP. What does the future look like for the supplier?

Also I was able to catch up with members of 1323 on the field right after Einstein to get their reactions to being world champions. Take a look: 1323 MadTown Robotics - Championship Winning Interview - YouTube

1323’s Behind the Bumpers will also release on Tuesday prior to the show!


Will RC wear the sweater?


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About to start! We also have giveaways from WCP from RC!

FRC Round Up Ep 19: Championship Sweater is now on YouTube
Guest: @R.C from FRC 1323 MadTown Robotics and West Coast Products

0:00 Intro
2:02 Champs 2023 Perspectives
16:12 1323 Culture
27:67 Double Elims on Einstein?
32:04 Kettering Spotlight
33:34 Future of WCP


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