FRC Round Up - IRI Recap - Future of Clippards - Shouting Robot - Guest Cory FRC 2767 - Details

Live stream tonight 8pm eastern at Twitch with guest @Cory_Walters - Drive Coach for FRC 2767 Stryke Force. Edit: Giving away a Stop Yelling Robot . com T-shirt courtesy of:

1- Please stop shouting robot: Please stop shouting "Robot!" in the pits!
2- IRI Recap
3- Do we need new air tanks? 1023 Clippard Tank Explosion at IRI - #54 by Boganafogansee

Video will be archived at


Thanks Tyler, glad to be on. Be sure to check it out. Got some hot takes coming your way that are going to blow some people away.


About to go live! See you at and stick around for a chance to win the Stop Yelling ROBOT shirt from @jaredhk

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FRC Round Up Episode 10: Heard, but not Seen is now on YouTube:

Topics have timecode chapters in video.

Thanks to @Cory_Walters for being our guest and proving his insight as drive coach and alliance captain of the 5 alliance.



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