FRC Round Up - New Starterbot and Everybot Deep Dive - Live 8:30pm eastern

Join us at 8:30pm eastern on Tuesday for FRC Round Up with guests @Jennakay and @rstockton429 from FRC 118 and the Everybot.

Live at

Topics for tonight:
Optimizing your off-season. Advise on how to get your team ready
New Starterbot in the KoP. Discussions and reactions from Jenna and Ryan
Everybot Deep Dive. Discussion and Audience Q&A on the evolution of the Everybot and the future.

Giveaway available from The Thrifty Bot for those who watch live!

Round Up will be archived on YouTube at


FRC Round Up is about to start live with @Jennakay and @rstockton429 from FRC 118/Everybot at Twitch . Come join to talk about the new starterbot in the KoP and any Everybot questions you may have.

We’re also doing a giveaway from The Thrifty bot for those who watch live!


Thanks to all who tuned in live and to @Jennakay and @rstockton429 for being our guests!

Video is now on YouTube along with Timecodes/chapters added

FRC Round Up Ep 20: Everybot for Everyone