FRC Round Up - Now on YT - YPP, VEX/IFI, CTRE and FRC Headlines

FUNs discussion show FRC Round Up will be live on Tuesday 8pm Eastern at

Topics for the evening:

FRC Headlines - Interesting headlines in FRC that you may have missed or want to elaborate on.

CTRE - Release of Phoenix Tuner X and Phoenix Pro including software licensing - What does the future look like for products?

YPP and Reporting - Recent events and advice from FIRST. Disclosure: We do not plan on bringing up specific content pieces in regards to individuals especially on screen, but will make mention that these do exist and where to read them.

IFI/VEXpro Culture and quality discussion, Team IFI and other FRC team boycotts.

EiC note: This is going to be a show that we know may bring a lot of emotion and could be potentially triggering for some users. We will have the mature filter turned on for the live stream and possibly for the YT archive. These are difficult topics but I feel it is important to bring to another medium for those to engage and discuss with.

Part 1 of FRC Round Up Ep 13 is on YouTube and contains mostly our original stories and FRC headlines including WFFA updates, Game Manual changes for 2023 and discussion on the CTRE Phoenix system and the future of component paywalls.


Part 2 of our show is up . Chapters/timecodes added to this for better navigation.

Part 2 of FRC Round Up Ep 13 informs of the harrowing stories told by members of our community of alleged Youth Protection violations and provides resources for those in need and for those who wish to be informed. We also dive into what seems to be the beginning of the decline of IFI/VEXpro from their quality control issues, their alleged toxic workplace culture and uninvolved response to the community leading to most Team IFI teams and dozens of other FRC teams boycotting IFI/VEXpro.



Will a list of hosts/guests be available ahead of time?

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With these topics we are not planning on brining on guests. Our hosts for this show are @nmatthes and @Connor_McBride. I will also be on live as I am producing the show simultaneously.

We definitely want to hear from all of you who will be watching live, but knowing our audience metrics our highest potential reach especially for those who are not engaged in community platforms is most effective when the video is published to YouTube. So we will film live to provide an outlet for those who want to participate in the community, but I highly encourage you to engage with video archive on YT.


Do these get recorded?

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I’d say this is a yes:


Yes, all shows are recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel either the night of or the day after the show.

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Hey all. My car broke down and I’m getting towed right now. We’re going to delay the start of our show by 30 min to 8:30pm eastern. Thank you for your understanding.


Also uhhhh there have been some developments in the IFI situation


Hey, uhh, while you were getting your car fixed… some stuff went down on the IFI front. Just a heads up.


Hey everyone. We at FUN are well aware of the ongoing development and will address it during the show accordingly.


About to go live with FRC Round Up. See topics above. Mature filter is on for this stream and please be civil in chat.

Thank you everyone for tuning in. This was really tough, important and not nearly as difficult as those who have gone through the stories told. The archive will be posted to YT tomorrow.


The statement you guys got from FIRST was pretty reassuring, and suggests HQ might have known things might go this way…


I missed the show. Can someone post the statement so we don’t have to wait until the VOD goes live?

Note: This was provided to us prior to the IFI Statement:

“IFI was a supplier to FIRST Robotics Competition Kit of Parts through the 2021 season. Since then, FIRST has declined any further support from or relationship with IFI. This policy persists for the foreseeable future. We have no plans to make VEXPro parts illegal for use in the FIRST Robotics Competition.”


That was a great stream, y’all. I appreciated the extra care in the intro/outro with sponsors cut.

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It isn’t all that crazy considering VEX and FIRST haven’t seen eye to eye since FVC turned into FTC (and VEX has VRC now). Hosting competing competitions doesn’t exactly foster the best relationships.

Would someone be able to post a link here to the statement from FIRST? I’m fairly new to this whole situation with IFI, I just heard about it in my updates email from ChiefDelphi, since I don’t check here very often. I’ve seen the statement from IFI/VEX, but not the one from FIRST.


FVC (FIRST VEX Challenge) turned into FTC
VRC was made afterwards by IFI, and later ran in collaboration with RECF

(This post just for added clarity for those who may not have been around at the time)


Ah yes sorry I knew I had something out of sync there.