FRC Scout Guide

Hey guys,

I recently published a more in-depth guide to my team’s scouting system app and figured I would share it with all of you

let me know what you think!

Looks like its a really good scouting program, is it easy to use?

I know I like how customizable it is – it makes changing easy.

Sorry for bumping this ancient thread, thank you for the feedback though! I just wanted to say how currently I am reworking a lot of FRC Scout, keeping the same system, just optimizing it and fixing some errors (options with spaces, when you twisted the phone while communicating with the server it crashed spmetimes) as well as adding some new features (editing and deleting options, nicer GUI option for tablets, and more.) And when FRC Scout 2.0 releases sometime within the following weeks (sorry for the time frames, right now it’s just me a high school now college student developing it!), there will also be a surprise that many FIRST programmers will love I’m sure (or at least I hope they love!)

Zack Nado