FRC Scout help Curie

Hello team 3932 The Dirty Mechanics is looking to create a scouting alliance with another team in Curie. We currently use a spreadsheet for pre scouting and FRC Scout but we are willing to use another teams scouting system as well if you have something that you could teach us.

I am sure if you have some “manual” labor or some extra team mates, I might be able to talk to my scout master and he can train your scouts how to use our computer system. We have six laptops running to an SQL server. We have 12 dedicated scouts (two shifts of people), but could use a few more in rotation and in return we could share all our data to your team as well. Come see me in the pits if interested.

I will also speak to our head scout and ask him to stop by your pit tomorrow to discuss sharing. OK, maybe sharing after match #17 (were up against you in that one).

We are focusing on shooting accuracy and # of cycles. Collecting electronically.

I hope you’ve contributed to the spreadsheet 4337 linked to… I’m trying to fill in as many holes as I can!

1676 will be scouting every match to their online database at and updates will happen after every match ! It is presented to users as tabular data that can be brought into any spreadsheet program. Additionally, match footage will be uploaded to their site as soon as possible after the matches happen! Also all the info they’ve collected from each tournament they went to is up for anyone to look at. You just need to log into the particular event to see it. Registration is instant and you do not need to wait for an administrator to approve before logging in; just register and log in!