FRC Scouting App

Scouting is a big part of FRC, and with we had really bad scouting last year. So I decided to make a scouting app that was completely web based, and would be dynamically created based on the fields you wanted.
It’s currently a work in progress but it works. It’s not the most elegant or beautiful thing out there, but the input page works well and syncs across devices. The sorting page works (barely).

Changes to the UI on the sorting page should be done within a few days.

I’ve included screenshots of the current state of both the main page and the sorting page. You can sort on any field, including matches one (which you can also make average to sort by who has the most wins on average).

We have a member who built an app in Unity for scouting. It’s only available for Android and is still in beta, but here is the file if any of you want to check it out and give feedback. To use it, place the app in the Android/data folder on your internal storage. All of the reports are saved to a file called Save Data.txt, which is located in Android/data/com.Ammoknights.FRCScoutingApp/Files

FRC Scouting App v1.0.apk (22.2 MB)

I created a scouting application for Android in 2012, and have been updating it every year since. The current version uses 6 phones (one per robot on the field), and syncs the data to a web server that each team can host themselves, Server source and database layout is provided.

This app has gone through much iteration, and the overall framework is data and game independent, so all of the code except the basic match data entry UI gets carried over from year to year.

The original CD post for this app is here:

The Google Play store link to download is here:

Source code is hosted on Github, and licensed under the Apache Open Source License.

Thank you all for the replies but this scouting app was v1. We’ve spent months of the off season developing an app using PouchDB with Vue as a front end. It has been tested in meetings but it has not been used at competition. It is a ground up rework of what the scouting app posted here with all the mistakes in mind when making. I’m addition to the lovely Damian making a beautiful and functional UI. The app will be used at regionals this year after which we will do an announcement sometime in the off-season.
Advantages of this app are that it works online and offline with real time syncing on all devices. Fields are all customizeable through the admin UI. You can even add users that can only view and don’t have editing privileges.