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Currently looking to step up our Scouting App game for this next season, and wanting to test out an array of applications/software that those in the community use or believe in using for the future. Like other teams, we’ve done a few iterations and are trying to use whatever is possible for competitions that don’t involve using internet connection. Our model last year was using QR readers and submitting/compiling data on Google Sheets. This works for small/mid sized events, but doesn’t help for immediate data collection and sharing through the event to scouts/drive team.

I’ve seen a couple of examples on CD, and currently investigating any that are easily manageable and customizable for students to be able to jump in and make changes/further investigate down the line.

Appreciate any input!


The scouting app from PWNAGE seems to match your criteria pretty well. It’s lightweight, configurable, and doesn’t require an internet connection at competitions. It’s easy to set up too, just fork the GitHub and set up GitHub pages.

Like your previous system, it uses a QR code to transfer the data from the scouter’s phones to a laptop running Excel. We’ve made lots of improvements this year to make tracking the scoring on the grid a lot easier.

Check out our live 2023 demo. Full code is on GitHub.


This year, we’re working on our own app as well, since we had the same mindset of stepping up the Scouting game.

We’re still working on a wireframe, but we’d love to keep you posted and compare notes once we’re more down the line, since we’re still heavily in the design phase. We used to use Scantrons for scouting, and while that worked pretty well it was somewhat tedious to do.

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3128 has our system outlined here, we are planning to release it a week before our first regional (Hueneme, Week 1) since we are still expanding on its functionality.

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