FRC Screensteps/Documentation is getting a successor!

Hiya there! I’ve been pioneering the project frc-docs, a development version can be found here. Anyways, frc-docs is an effort to move FIRST Robotics Competition to a community-driven model. Previously, documentation was found over at screensteps. I always intended for the project to be a cool alternative to the official solution. Well… it’s official.

As of yesterday, frc-docs has been transferred into the main WPILib Github Repository. I’m quite proud to have been a part of this effort.

What can you do?
I’m looking for people to just overall use the website, tell me your thoughts. What are things that could be improved upon? Is there a particular way that, in your opinion, things should be ordered. These thoughts are what shaped this project.

If you’re looking into contributing to the documentation, IE writing a page or two. Feel free to contact me on Discord or through Email, via Github or lastly, just by commenting here.

Thanks for everyone’s help. It’s been a pleasure.


Very cool! Does this mean that screensteps is being deprecated, or will both resources exist at the same time?

The only feedback that I have is that I would like to see some documentation about using GitHub with vscode.

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Screensteps will be deprecated completely. And in regards to your suggestion, are you talking about basic git via terminal, or via the VSCode extension?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I love this.

Have all of the screen steps been ported over already? I’m having a hard time finding the basics of starting programming.

I think a great way to organize the resources would be to have the entry screen have pathway start points. Similar to something like this:

@Andrew_Schreiber would probably have some great ideas for this project.


One thing to not is the actual URL of where the docs will be located has not been finalized. We are still working on that, and haven’t made a final decision yet. The repo is what it will be built from, so if there are any suggestions or ideas please create an issue on the GitHub repo.

Most of the current screensteps has been ported over. In regards to an intro to programming, are you talking about programming in general or programing for FRC?

I’m having trouble finding any of these resources:

The structure of frc-docs is not 1:1 with screensteps. Most of the articles listed there were duplicated of articles elsewhere and have been appropriate distributed. Also, make sure you view the development versions at There are a few that have not been ported.

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Is it possible to move the WPILib APIs into frc-docs, too? I love the feature in Read the Docs that enables you to quickly jump between the API and the source code. It helps a lot to learn how WPILib is structured and how it works.

I’ve actually looked into this as well. Through some quick experiments, I was able to get parts of the WPILibJ API using the discontinued Javasphinx plugin. However, it failed to recognize Java8 streams and all of Java11. C++ should be a bit easier using doxygen. I wouldn’t count it on it anytime soon unfortunately.

Screensteps has always included Labview as well. Is Labview not being moved? I hope this isn’t fragmenting the location for information even more.

I’m working on it right now! GitHub issue:
If you have any thoughts for organization and/or improvement, let me know, add a comment or submit a pull request once I port it over.

TIL that resolves to the same place as I wonder what that could stand for…

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Read the FIRST docs


Link has been updated to as we move closer to beta release

When will the API for the new Command-Based Programming framework be available?

It might be time to update your original post with this new information. It will make it easier for people reading this for the first time.

CD doesn’t let you edit a post after some amount of time.

Hopefully you signed up for Beta testing in which case you can start testing shortly.

If not, you can check out just the command rewrite by adding the following to your build.gradle.

compile 'com.github.Oblarg:command-rewrite-jitpack:1.5.1'

It might be time to update your original post with this new information. It will make it easier for people reading this for the first time.

Yea it doesn’t let me edit it.

When will the API for the new Command-Based Programming framework be available?

It’ll be available for beta testers upon the first beta release. Or you can use the command-based jitpack by adding the below to the dependencies section of your build.gradle file. Make sure you have internet on that way it can download the appropriate files.

compile 'com.github.Oblarg:command-rewrite-jitpack:1.5.1'

Also a more appropriate/official WIP changelog can be found here.